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Cnc 1325 Wood Cutting

  • 1325 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1325 Laser Cutting Machine1325 laser cutting machine HD1325 is a mixing cutting machine,specialied in cutting stainless steel,carbon steel,MDF and acrylic.High efficiency.1mm stainless steel and 1 mm carbon steel,speed can attain 1800mm/min.20mm acrylic with perfect cutting quality. 1.The laser machine both can engraving...Read More

  • 1330-PTP CNC ATC Drilling Center

    Contact Now1330-PTP CNC ATC Drilling CenterMain describe PTP CNC ATC Drilling Center Main configurations Italy high-power automatic tool change spindle, drilling system. Taiwan automatic lubrication guide rail,free maintenance. Germany HERION oblique rack. Japan Servo motor and driver system,planetary reducer. Adopt imported world-class...Read More

  • 1390 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1390 Laser Cutting Machine1390 laser cutting machine 1.The laser machine both can engraving & cutting,and scanning functions,and more functions,widely uesed. 2.Adopt integrated,stable and reliable design framework. 3.All models adoptimported components,ensure the high accuracy,faster speed and longer using life....Read More

  • 6090 MINI CNC Router

    Contact Now6090 MINI CNC Router1. Features Greman automaticdouble-nut ball screws. Linear guide rail, the bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, Is the linear guide surface contact, high-precision linear guid rail of CNC equipment manufactures use some of the ordinary life of the 2200-Advisory time, long-term use of...Read More

  • 1325L Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1325L Fiber Laser Cutting MachineProduct description LF-1325L is a most valuable entry-level fiber cutting machine, using the self-developed machine gantry structure, the whole machine use highstrength seamless steel for a better rigidity, high temperature annealing machine, rack for 20 years without deformation, accompanied by...Read More

  • 1390CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1390CO2 Laser Cutting MachineProducts Equip with imported dual linear guide,so machine can move stably and cut the edge smoothly. Adopt three-phase motor and driver, belt can move in fast cutting speed and high precision. Specification Laser- type:Sealed CO2 laser tube Laser power: 80W ,100W,130W,150W,200W (GSI) (optional)...Read More

  • M25X Heavy Type Wood CNC Machine

    Contact NowM25X Heavy Type Wood CNC MachineMain describe Features 1.Whole Steel structure, Taiwan linear square orbit, gear rack for X Y axis,Germany ball screw for Z driving. 2.Advanced DSP control system. Wentai Software and Type3 Software. 3.4.5kw air cooling Spindle,18000rpm/min. 4.5.5kw no oil vacuum pump,vacuum table with 6 vacuum...Read More

  • SKM25 Wood CNC Process Center

    Contact NowSKM25 Wood CNC Process Center1 .Features This machine is suit for diverse complexity products processing, wide function; engraving and milling, drilling, cutting, side milling,chamfering and so on. All mechanical, electrical components adopts international top brand products, such as Gremary vacuum system and drive system,...Read More

  • 3015C Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now3015C Fiber Laser Cutting MachineProduct presentation The whole machine consist of machine tool, motion parts, electrical equipment control parts, and other assist parts. Via control system to operation three axis motion parts, so it can drive to fiber laser cutting head achieve a stable, accurate, and high speed moving; X and...Read More

  • 1325 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1325 Fiber Laser Cutting MachineProducts High quality laser tube: IPG500W Untouched following system Yasukawa servo system Imported ball screw and linear guide rail driving system Auto partitioned exhausted system Industrial chiller Off-computer control system (Supported files: DXF,PLT,AI) TechnicalTechnical Specification...Read More