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CNC Router Machine

  • Woodworking CNC Router For Sale

    Contact NowWoodworking CNC Router For Salewoodworking CNC Router for sale the production of cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer tables, furniture, etc; can be used for large-area, high-yield large flat engraving MDF, wood panels, cutting, 3D relief and other technical operation, this machine is diversification complex process...Read More

  • CNC Router, 1300x2500mm, DSP System, 4.5kW Spindle, Vacuum Table and Dust Collector, CE Certified

    Contact NowCNC Router, 1300x2500mm, DSP System, 4.5kW Spindle, Vacuum Table and Dust Collector, CE CertifiedCNC Router, 1300x2500mm, DSP System, 4.5kW Spindle, Vacuum Table and Dust Collector, CE Certified Product Details Key Specifications/Special Features: CNC router CNC router machine CNC router can engrave on wood, MDF, marble, 3D engraving on furniture Performance: Lengthen the X and Y axis, can...Read More

  • H1 Wood CNC Cutting Machine

    Contact NowH1 Wood CNC Cutting Machine? ????? Main configurations ? Adopt China-made high quality spindle. ? Taiwan automatic lubrication guide rail, free maintenance. ? High precision oblique rack. ? High speed Servo motor and drive system,planetary reducer. ? CHINT electric components, stable performance. 2 .Features ? Save board:...Read More

  • M25X Heavy Type Wood CNC Machine

    Contact NowM25X Heavy Type Wood CNC MachineMain describe Features 1.Whole Steel structure, Taiwan linear square orbit, gear rack for X Y axis,Germany ball screw for Z driving. 2.Advanced DSP control system. Wentai Software and Type3 Software. 3.4.5kw air cooling Spindle,18000rpm/min. 4.5.5kw no oil vacuum pump,vacuum table with 6 vacuum...Read More

  • 4 Axis CNC Router

    Contact Now4 Axis CNC RouterJinan Linshun CNC Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 4 axis cnc router manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale 4 axis cnc router and check the price with us. 4 axis CNC Router Features: The spindle can rotate 180 degree, can make multi-kinds of surface...Read More

  • M25B Standard Wood CNC Machine

    Contact NowM25B Standard Wood CNC Machine1. Features Adopt imported aquare orbit, double slippers, bearing heavy, working steadily, high precession, and long life time. Import ballscrew, high precision for cutting. The optional equipment for spindle is Japan imported high power water cooling motor high speed spindle, stable capability....Read More

  • 1830 Cloth Auto-Feeding Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1830 Cloth Auto-Feeding Laser Cutting MachineProduct features 1 The machine tool level use stable and solid work sites,to ensure the stability and accuracy of the fast motion; 2, Motion system using direct guide and precision rack drive to ensure the accuracy of processing; 3, Use the special treatment of stainless steel mesh work table,...Read More

  • 60902 CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now60902 CO2 Laser Cutting MachineProducts It has 500 megapixel high precision visual recognition function and is very suitable for auto-recognition cutting for large format embroidery lable of craft slippers and featured parts of plush toys.It has various recognition modes,such as cutting with featured point position ,cutting...Read More

  • 1390CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1390CO2 Laser Cutting MachineProducts Equip with imported dual linear guide,so machine can move stably and cut the edge smoothly. Adopt three-phase motor and driver, belt can move in fast cutting speed and high precision. Specification Laser- type:Sealed CO2 laser tube Laser power: 80W ,100W,130W,150W,200W (GSI) (optional)...Read More

  • 1325L Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Contact Now1325L Fiber Laser Cutting MachineProduct description LF-1325L is a most valuable entry-level fiber cutting machine, using the self-developed machine gantry structure, the whole machine use highstrength seamless steel for a better rigidity, high temperature annealing machine, rack for 20 years without deformation, accompanied by...Read More